Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pull My Daisy

Pull My Daisy
A Film by photographer Robert Frank
Narrated by Jack Keruac
Starring: Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and more...

Hoy en el metro / Today at the subway

Sólo un fragmento de un inicio de día en esta ciudad de locos y profetas

Just a little bit at the beginning of the day at this city of crazy people and prophets.



Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3rd Annual Yemanja Music Project @ Spiegelworld (Miami)

Right to the target...

El día de ayer mientras esperaba el metro (Linea 1, 18 st) me encontre con este anuncio del nuevo disco de John Leyend (live in Philadelphia), el cual solo se consigue a traves de la tienda Target; lo interesante del asunto es que en el anuncio hay una entrada para conectar los audifonos y escuchar un avance mientras se espera el tren.

Yesteday when i was waiting for the train (line 1, 18 st) i noticed this billboard about the new John legend cd, only available on Target, but what stiked me the most was that you can actually plug your headphones and listen to it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Just finished watching the documentary "Havana Centro" on SlangTV. Check it out for yourself at,


Estamos estrenando contador! (ver abajo, izquierda)

We have a nes counter!! (Down, left)

Video: ISasha "Don't You Know"

Trinidad representing! Brendon Young A.K.A ISasha has a a hit in the radio: "Don't You Know". Performing since he was 17 now he is hearing his own song in the radio, “I was elated when I first heard it on the radio. Honestly, it’s my favourite song right now. I mean, I still love my Beres Hammond and my Glenn Washington, but to hear your own voice and to know people are singing the words you penned is phenomenal.“ Big ups to ISasha and all the Trini massive!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Obey Shepard Fairey

In Shepard's own words:

"I believe with great conviction that Barack Obama should be the next President."

go to his website and see it for yourself

Vp and Greensleves

VP Records of Jamaica-Queens, New York and Greensleeves Records of London, U.K. have announced a merger deal in which VP would purchase the Greensleeves Records and Publishing from its holding company, Zest Group. Founded in 1977, Greensleeves' extensive catalog includes titles by Yellowman, Wailing Souls, Shaggy, Shabba Ranks, JC Lodge, and Michael Prophet.

to read the whole text by Tomas Palermo go to this link in XLR8R magazine.


Katya Gardea Browne is an artist spliting time between Berlin and D.F. If you are in Mexico City go to the Museo De La Ciudad De Mexico and check out her work. Otherwise hit up her website,

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Swede Yourself

After Jerry (Jack Black) accidently erases all of the video tapes in the small video store where his best friend (Mos Def) works, the two friends start to re-create many of the top-renting movies like Robocop, Back to the Furture, Boyz n the Hood using a cheap camera. This processs of remaking films is call sweding, element that New Line Cinema brought to the internet where allows visitors to swede themselves into movie posters. The campaing of "Be Kind Rewind", the new film from Michele Gondry, will also have presence in the streets through a swede house in the Sundance Festival and a sweding studio at the Deitch Gallery. Be Kind RewindBe Kind Rewind will be in theatres on February 22.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Featured Artist: Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs is an artist living in NYC. He makes homemade guns, sculptures, and movies. Check out more of his work at

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gym Barrera

A proposito del post de Val, acá van unas retratos de estos jovenes boxeadores que a temprana edad decidieron que lo suyo es el ring, las razones son varias, un futuro mas prometedor, dinero, tradicion familiar, o solo por que "les gustan los trancazos"... Al final hay muchos caminos para ir por la vida, ellos decidieron peleando.

In realtionship with Val's post i'm currently working in this essay about boxing kids in Mexico City, kids that at a really young age decide to get on a ring to fight for many reasons: a brighter future, money, family tradition, or just because the sake of it, if it is not the gym they are going to do it anyway. At the end there are many ways to get trough life, they chose fighting.about boxing kids in Mexico City, kids that at a really young age decide to get on a ring to fight for many reasons: a brighter future, money, family tradition, or just because the sake of it, if it is not the gym they are going to do it anyway. At the end there are many ways to get through life, they chose fighting.


Siempre he tenido la inquietud de aprender a tocar algun instrumento musical. Desde muy pequeña babeaba por el pianosaurio. Más adelante por el piano de cola negro en la "Sala Chopin" en la condesa. Me conforme años depues con un tecladito yamaha que santa le trajo a mi hermano logrando sacar pequeños extractos a oido de canciones de the cure, fobia, entre otros con tonaditas cortas y pegajosas. Nunca me hubiese imaginado a mis padres alentandome a darle al scratch pese a que el boom hip hop llego mas tarde a mi vida. Este videito de dj sara y dj ryusei me volo la cabeza y me hizo pensar en el momento en el que se decide en la vida que es lo que quieres hacer de tu vida y que es lo que invevitablemente tienes que hacer para sustentarla. Creo que nunca es demasiado tarde y casi a mis 30 años descubri lo que quiero hacer. Mi punto es que aunque no empece a "scratchear" a los 5 si no a los 29 claro que mis habilidades hubiesen sido mejores, pero empezando a los 29 ESTOY FELIZ!


I've always had a thing about learning how to play an instrument. Since i was little i used to drewl over a "PianoSaurius". Later for a big black piano at "sala chopin" (instrument store) in la condesa. i had no choice but to be happy with a yamaha keyboard that santa brought to my brother in wich i could play the cure, fobia and other short sticky tunes by only hearing them over and over... I would never imagined my parents encouraging me with a couple of turntables even though hip hop came a little late in my life. This DJ Sara and DJ Ruysei video blew my mind and made me think about the moment i figured what i really wanted to do with my life and what i had to inevitable do to support it. I guess it's never too late and almost at my 30's i figured it out! So my point is, it doesn't matter if i started "scratching" at 5 or at 29 i might have way better skills if i've started at 5 but starting at 29 I AM HAPPY!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

it's 2008...

y la Family esta mejor que nunca! vienen muchos cambios para el blog muy pronto!

..y la Family is better than ever! there will be a lot of changes in this blog very soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wildflife Sundays

Something new is going on every Sunday night in Miami. Wildlife Sundays, out of the usual... with Erick Paredes @ Dream Nightclub (Loft lounge). Erick Paredes is a DJ/Producer that has played in different festivals and opened up for artists such as Medesky, Martin and Wood, Seu Jorge, Brazilian Girls, etc. He also has a dub fusion live band called Agape Featuring Nadia Harris. You can listen to Erick's Radio Show "Common Grounds" every Saturday from 11pm to 12am on 88.9FM WDNA and GIANTSTEP.NET Jukebox.

Friday, January 11, 2008

PANIC, Emergencia Tropical!

There was a time when a group of dreamers started to create a new proposal in Mexico's publishing world, a proposal that offered something real to those hungry readers immersed in this world of survival and satisfaction. But one day, the vampires tried to suck their blood trying to take away everything from them, the only thing they took was the name. Now these gurus, these dreamers are back, they are called Panic, Emergencia Tropical.
Fuck the postizos! Abran paso a Panic, Emergencia Tropical!

Orquesta Harlow-Abran Paso