Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is the video of the song Pum Pum from Lee "Scratch" Perry's latest album Repentance 
produced by Andrew W.K. Watch the video and you decide the title, we called it Pum Pimp
Jesus. Listen to the album, it's even crazier than the video.
Este es el video de la cancion Pum Pum del nuevo album de Lee "Scratch" Perry llamado
Repentance, producido por Andrew W.K. Vean el video y ustedes decidan el titulo,
nosotros le pusimos Pum Pimp Jesus. Esuchen el disco, esta mas loco que el video.


Anonymous said...

Give me more in New york City!

JSPECK said...

ha ha hahaA!!!!

I wanna see Lee Scratch do a mash up with Keith Richards.


jesus christ, give me more!

Johnny Afro-Masta said...

el viejito esta looocoooo...

Anonymous said...

ur never to old for some fresh pum pum

Johnny Afro-Masta said...

never for that, never!