Thursday, August 16, 2007

El Cantante

It was hard, but finally we just saw "El Cantante" last week with the "super hot Latin couple" J-Lo and Marc Anthony. According to what we know and we've heard about Hector Lavoe, the film is just a bad try to bring El Cantante to the big screen. And we are not saying this because of the junky scenes you see in the entire movie which a bunch of people criticized, even Willie Colon, you can check his opinion about the movie on his website. More than that, is seeing this business couple in the screen trying to represent the talent of a person like Hector Lavoe, we just don't buy it, J-Lo in her roll of Hector's wife (Puchi) supossedly narrating some parts of the story to the director. Then the chronological errors and some important parts of the real story edited, Tito Allen and Willie Colon refered to this as well, these two salseros that also lived that era and were very close to Lavoe. And finally, J-Lo was one of the producers. No more comments.

And by the way Senor Willie Colon, we heard that interview where someone asked you if you used to do drugs with Hector Lavoe, what the fuck they care, obviously you didn't accept it, but you know what, we don't care about that, you are and will be a music icon, un grande de la salsa.

GOCENLO! Check out the afro-tromobones!

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