Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Bra Boys reflects the extreme culture of the beachside suburb of Maroubra and its surf community called Bra Boys. The film is directed by Sunny Abberton and focus on the true-life story of the Abberton brothers, Sunny, Jai, Dakota and pro-surfer and big-wave master Koby. Russel Crowe narrates this story from the down under. Check out the Bra Boys Site
Bra Boys refleja la cultura extrema de del suburbio playero de Maroubra y su comunidad surfer llamada Bra Boys. El documental es dirigido por Sunny Abberton y se centra en la historia de la vida real de los hermanos Abberton, Sunny, Jai, Dakota y Koby, surfer porfesional y maestro de grande olas. Russel Crowe narra esta historia del down under. Chequen el site de Bra BoysBra Boys.

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for those who don't know, Maroubra is located in Australia.