Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We got a communication from Balkan Beat Box about the problems they are having in the border, therefore they cancelled several shows.

Below the communication from Ori:

Tour Cancelations!! Our Deepest Apologies

Dearest Friends and Fans,

We were stopped while crossing from Vancouver.

We are so very bummed as we have waited a long time and were very excited to play our upcoming shows in Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Los Angeles, San Francisco and at Langerado. We are unfortunately forced to cancel these shows

We are basically stuck in a hotel room and can't move anywhere as this cascades day by day and we see all the fans and clubs face what is a small disaster for bbb.

To all of you who came we hope to make it up to you soon in a grand old
show, BBB style.

Party on for us please!
Thanks so much to all the wonderful crew. All the promoters, agents, fans, and managers who worked hard to make these shows happen. Our hearts are with you

Ori and the entire BBB

sent from the road

In the meantime let's party on for them!!!

Power, protection and guidance for the BBB crew!



Anonymous said...

the old american dream...

Anonymous said...

true, maybe one day the US Immi will accept this!!!